LL Medical English - English for Medical and Scientific Professionals

About OET

The OET Test is the leading English test for healthcare professionals. The test provides a valid and
reliable assessment of all four language skills – listening, reading, writing, and speaking – with an
emphasis on communication in healthcare professional settings.

Test materials are developed in consultation with subject matter experts and replicate the English language
skills required in healthcare settings to deliver high quality care and patient safety. Not only will you prove you
have the right level of English – you’ll be ready to perform in the global healthcare industry.

Who is the OET Test for?

OET tests healthcare professionals from the following 12 professions:

What’s in the OET test?

The test is divided into four sub-tests:





Who uses the OET Test as proof of English proficiency?

The OET Test is used as proof of English proficiency by 450+ organisations worldwide including:

Why should I choose the OET Test, and where can it take me?

OET is the global leader in English language testing for healthcare. Here’s how the OET Test is different:

Ready for real-life:

Unlike general or academic English tests, the OET is tailored to fit right into healthcare.

Confidence through recognition:

OET is a name that healthcare regulators, employers and educational
institutions worldwide recognise and trust. More than 450 organisations worldwide recognise the OET Test.

Putting patients at the centre:

OET strongly believes in the power of clear communication for safe, patient-centred care. That’s why the OET Test is designed to mirror the language you’ll use every day in healthcare settings, ensuring you’re well-equipped to communicate confidently and effectively.

Ready to ace the OET exam and start your dream career abroad?

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