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English is the international scientific and medical language and is a must-have skill in today’s global economy. While many professionals are comfortable reading in English in their area of expertise, the successful professional requires a higher level than can be attained from traditional English or even general medical English courses. Contact us to see what types of classes would work best for you!
LL Medical English - Private English Classes for Medical and Scientific Professionals

Private classes

(in person or online) All private classes are customized to the needs of each individual and are offered in person or online. Common goals typically include:
  • Improved pronunciation
  • Improved fluency in conversation
  • Improved listening skills
  • Improved writing skills
  • Review of grammar and error correction in speech and writing
  • Analysis of medical or scientific articles
  • Discussion of current medical and scientific topics
  • Preparation for conferences (e.g., presentations, interacting with other attendees, asking and answering questions)
  • Exam (e.g., IELTS, TOEFL, or Cambridge) preparation
  • Preparation for participation on international committees
  • Presentation practice and slide preparation (ask us about a practice recording – an audio recording of your presentation read by us. A great practice tool!)
  • Interview preparation
  • And more…
LL Medical English - Phone Classes in English for Medical and Scientific Professionals

Phone classes

We offer phone classes for individuals who want to improve their phone skills. The classes are either 25 or 50 minutes long. The classes are organized to practice listening, speaking, reading and writing. The subjects discussed during each class are selected based on the individual’s goals and may focus on their work and/or other areas of interest.
LL Medical English - Group English Classes

Group classes

Group classes (typically 5 to 8 people with a similar level of English) are available for individuals who would like to improve their English skills in an area of common interest. Sometimes these classes focus on exam preparation (e.g., IELTS, TOEFL or Cambridge) and other times we focus on other areas identified in a needs assessment when the group is formed (e.g., writing skills, medical vocabulary, doing presentations). If you have a group that would like to learn together, contact us and we’ll create a group program for you.


Our rates for private, phone, and group classes vary based on size of group, hours per week, etc. Contact us for a free no-obligation quote.

More about our exam preparation approach…

LL Medical English - English Classes for Medical and Scientific Professionals to improve your chances of working in the UK

IELTS, TOEFL or Cambridge exams are frequently a requirement for medical and scientific professionals as part of their training or to obtain certification to work in English-speaking countries. We offer individual and group classes to prepare individuals for these exams. Preparation includes familiarization with the exam, study and exam tips, and review and practice in all skill areas. In addition to structured preparation, additional activities and exercises are recommended to improve performance. Individual feedback and advice are provided, and special attention is given to what is required to attain the desired level. Mini online speaking practice sessions (great to warm up from home close to your exam date) as well as writing review and feedback are provided.

What our clients say about our classes!

Lisa’s classes played an important role in achieving my dream last year. After finishing my postgraduate training, I applied for sub-specialty training in the UK. A high score in the IELTS exam was required in order to be eligible for the post. Lisa’s way of teaching, focusing on my specials needs, was key for passing the IELTS exam. Her professional work and enthusiasm made me succeed in the exam. One of the most remarkable qualities she had was the preparation she took before every class. I highly recommend Lisa in order to get the most from learning English.
Dr. Óscar González Fernández

Advanced Heart Failure Fellow, Freeman Hospital, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

Lisa is a very professional teacher, with plenty of resources to help her students, and she always manages to put the focus on the right spot in order to achieve everyone’s goals while optimizing your efforts. I prepared the IELTS with her and her method was really helpful for me. I would definitely recommend it to anyone interested in travelling or working abroad. She is also a very close and friendly person with whom you are comfortable in class and can talk about many interesting topics, always in English of course!
Pablo Merás Colunga

Cardiology Resident, Hospital La Paz, Madrid

I had Advanced English classes with Lisa some years ago. We were a small group of Spanish doctors preparing the Advanced Examination. The classes were useful, we practised oral exercises and also the listening part, we reviewed grammar and vocabulary. We enjoy these lessons and had a great time learning English. Lisa siempre nos daba consejos y trucos para hacer mejor el examen. Es una persona muy accesible, siempre dispuesta a ayudar!
Olga Martínez Sáez

Fifth Year Oncology Resident, Hospital Ramón y Cajal, Madrid

When I started with Lisa, I had an intermediate level of English and lack of practice. I wanted to improve my English in order to write abstracts and articles, to defend my research in international congresses and to speak fluently with self-confidence. Lisa offered me the perfect individual program, completely organized and with a lot of different resources. In addition, we worked together to create a workshop for the residents of Ramón y Cajal Hospital, and it was a success! Lisa is the best example of a teacher with experience, seriousness and empathy. I will continue learning and working with her. For doctors, I think that LL Medical English is the best choice.
Cristina Sobrino Grande

Rheumatologist & Medical Residency Coordinator, Hospital Ramón y Cajal, Madrid

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LL Medical English - English for Medical and Scientific Professionals

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