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At LL Medical English, we understand that the OET exam is a challenging but essential step for many medical professionals who want to work abroad. That’s why we offer personalized online classes that are tailored to your specific needs and goals. Whether you are a doctor, nurse, or other healthcare professional, we can help you prepare for the OET exam and achieve your career goals.

I want to improve my English to:

LL Medical English - Work Abroad

Work Abroad

We can help you:

LL Medical English - Advance in your Career

Advance in My Career

We can help you:

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Publish My Research

We can help you:

LL Medical English - Contribute Internationally

Contribute Internationally

We can help you:

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Our clients look to improve their English in order to:

Pass the OET exam

Find a job in an English-speaking country

Do a clinical fellowship abroad

Present an oral abstract or poster

Talk about reseach to an international audience

Publish an abstract, poster or article

Participate on an international committee

Achieve another personal or professional goal

What makes us different?

If you also have these goals, LL Medical English is here for you!  

anastasia karakachoff
anastasia karakachoff
Lisa is an awesome teacher and a great person. I've been studying for the OET exam in medicine for two months, twice a week. I was really frustrated with the exam, but Lisa not only motivates me, she is an incredible teacher and explains very clearly and simply all of your doubts. She also made a great effort to give me classes at night because of the time difference; it was the only time that we could plan, and I appreciate that. I really like how she organizes the classes; she shares all the material you need to work on your weak points, and after every class, she writes a follow-up for the next one. I really enjoy studying with her, and successfully, I got good marks on my English exam. She is not only a good professional but also a kind and sweet person! Thank you so much for your help; you brought me closer to my dream.!!!
Maria Soriano Soriano
Maria Soriano Soriano
I passed the OET exam after studying for 6 months, achieving a pleasing pass grade. This would not have been possible without the professional help of Lisa, my on-line tutor. Lisa is an excellent teacher, who always did everything in her power to help me, showing patience and kindness throughout the lessons. This resulted in my learning so much from the course. I would personally recommend Lisa’s courses to anyone wishing to prepare for the OET exam.
Adriana Ferreiros
Adriana Ferreiros
I found Lisa exploring my LinkedIn page with a before and after post about why after so long she stopped teaching IELTS and dedicated herself to teaching OET. After 3 failed IELTS attempts I did not hesitate for a moment to confirm that lisa would be a great help in my preparation for this new exam. We were able to work together to achieve the goal and today we can celebrate together! Thank You Lisa.
Antonio Pérez Martínez
Antonio Pérez Martínez
Great teacher!! I really recommend Lisa to prepare the OET exam. Thank you for your professionalism and humanity!!
amaia Emparanza
amaia Emparanza
Muy profesional y muy buena profesora. Sincera respecto a expectativas y posibles resultados.
Marta García Marqueta
Marta García Marqueta
Excelente profesional. Preparación dirigida a reforzar los puntos débiles del alumno, lo que permite un uso eficiente del tiempo tanto en clase como individual. Horario (duración, frecuencia y número de clases) adaptado a las posibilidades del alumno. Trato excepcional. Conseguí mi objetivo (preparación del OET exam para medicina) gracias a la ayuda de Lisa y la recomendaría sin dudarlo.
Beatriz López
Beatriz López
I found this Teacher because OET exam centre from Madrid recommended her to me and it was a grateful experience. We worked together for 1 month, she gave me a lot of vocabulary, exams, feed back from my letters and exam results to make me understand the OET exam and how it works. With her guide and an intensive studying effort, if you are focus on it, you will get it and get your pourpose.
Anastasiia Bohatchuk
Anastasiia Bohatchuk
Dreams come true! For more than 1 year I was struggling with the IELTS and CELPIP when finally I was introduced to Lisa and the OET exam. We had classes twice a week and within two months I got my required score! No more words need to be said! Thank you Lisa for improving my English and helping me to reach my dream!
Amanda Cortés
Amanda Cortés
Lisa is the best teacher I could ever had. She taught me plenty of tips to learn how to do the exams correctly and how to improve my score. She is very nice and kind and it was a pleasure to learn with her. I succeeded at my OET exam and I know I couldn't have done it without her help.

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