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Welcome to the OET Starter Course for Health Professionals

We are so happy you have decided to join us and make this investment in your future.

Here’s what’s included in the OET Starter Course:

Strategies & practice for each part of the OET exam:







Other course features:


10 Weeks of Classes

(15 hours)


Personal Feedback

Live Teacher

Maximum 8 Students


Price: 390€

Reach your goal faster!
Combine the OET Starter Course with an Accelerator Package.


Ten 1-Hour Private Classes

Experienced Teachers


Your teacher will customize your classes to focus on your chosen areas for improvement like speaking skills, pronunciation, writing, or vocabulary. All teachers have medical and teaching experience.

Discount Price for OET Starter Course Participants: 300€

Ready to get started?

To confirm your place (only 8 spots available per class) please provide the following information:

OET Starter Course Only

OET Starter Course AND OET Accelerator 10-Class Pack

7 + 6 =

Note: There is no VAT on English language courses.

Once we receive your registration, we will contact you to confirm your spot and start date and send you the information to make the course payment by bank transfer or Bizum.

What happens next?

Don’t forget to order your course book

We will be using The Cambridge Guide to OET Nursing throughout the course. You can order this book from our referral Amazon link.*


*As part of Amazon’s Affiliate program, LL Medical English will receive a small referral fee for every purchase from this link.

FAQs About the Course

What’s included?

  • Two full practice exams with personalized feedback, one before the course starts, and one at the end.
  • A weekly 90-minute live class on zoom (a total of 15 hours of live classes).
  • A weekly focus on a different part of the exam including the format, proven strategies, and actual practice with feedback in class.
  • Information on what the examiner is looking for on each part of the exam and what marks you need in each section to reach your goal.
  • Homework assigned each week with practice exercises.
  • Suggestions on ways you can improve your skills outside of class.
  • A personal tracking and reflection guide so you can identify the areas of the exam you already do well on and where you need to improve. This guide will help you decide what additional work you need to do after the course to get the mark you need.

What’s the price?

390€    OET Starter Course

300€    OET Accelerator 10-Class Package (for OET Starter Course participants)   

As English classes are exempt from VAT, the above prices are the final prices.

Why did we select an OET book for “nursing”?

The course book “The Cambridge Guide to OET Nursing“ is an excellent and comprehensive book for all OET professions. In fact, the Reading and Listening parts of the exam are identical for all professions. The Writing and Speaking parts are unique to each exam but the basic format is the same and the strategies provided for each part of the exam in this book are good for everyone.

It is a wonderful guide to help everyone prepare for the exam and is full of useful information, strategies practice exercises, and two full practice tests (the ones you will do before and after the course are different than the practice tests in the book).

This book will be used during the course. Homework will be assigned from this book and it will be referred to during the classes. This book will also be extremely useful for you after the course.

How many people will be in the course?

The class size will be limited to a maximum of 8 people.

By the end of the course you will:

  • Have completed 2 full practise exams which will be marked with feedback especially for you.
  • Have completed 15 hours of live group classes.
  • Understand the format and marking scheme for all parts of the exam.
  • Know what parts of the exam you are good at and where you need to prepare more.
  • Know how to use different strategies to get a better mark for each type of exam question.
  • Have a great OET exam book to study and practice with during and after the course.
  • A plan on how to continue your preparation after the course is finished.

Who is LL Medical English?

LL Medical English has been specializing in medical English since 2015. We equip medical professionals to launch and grow their careers on the international stage with confidence through English language teaching and support. We have also been officially designated an OET Preparation Provider by OET itself.

What is an OET Preparation Provider?

OET Preparation Providers have completed a training program designed by OET for education institutions and teachers preparing students for OET. It provides OET Preparation Providers the knowledge and tools needed to run high-quality OET preparation courses.

Any questions or concerns?

Please don’t hesitate to send us an email at: info@llmedicalenglish.com or call us at +34 645 61 68 74.