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Our workshops are developed especially for each group, taking into account the group’s needs and goals. We focus workshop content on specific skills, real-life situations, relevant areas of specialization and hands-on practice, all tailored to expand participants’ skills in the areas they have identified.
Sample sessions include:
  • Creating a professional bio
  • Creating your English CV
  • Language for moderators and presenters
  • Asking and answering questions in the conference setting
  • Keeping your audience engaged
  • Writing more coherently
  • Linking ideas in writing and presentations
  • Online writing resources
  • Successful meeting skills
  • Small talk
  • And more…
Our approach focuses on learning by doing, with participants actively practicing their skills in English right from the start. We are continuously developing new dynamic workshops and can develop a tailor-made program for your group. If you are interested in a workshop on a different topic area, we’d love to hear from you. We are always interested in creating new sessions for our clients.


Workshop pricing varies based on group size and duration of workshop. Contact us for a free no-obligation quote.
Conferences with Confidence
Do conferences make you nervous? Have you been asked to speak or be a moderator and are afraid to say yes? Does asking questions terrify you? And is answering questions even more frightening? Do you need to improve your scientific writing skills in order to write an abstract or presentation for an upcoming congress?
We’ve created the full-day Conferences with Confidence workshop for professionals just like you! We’ve designed the day to help you feel more comfortable and confident the next time you have to interact with English‑speaking colleagues at a local or international event. We create a safe and fun environment to practice speaking English in realistic conference scenarios. We provide useful, practical resources and leave plenty of time for questions and interaction. Participants love this workshop!

As an organizer, the Conferences with Confidence workshop at the hospital, created and delivered by Lisa and Cynthia, was a great experience. They worked with us to create a real congress environment in English for our residents and doctors, in fact, the participants gave them the highest marks for satisfaction in all areas. My experience as a participant was fantastic. We practised oral communication and thanks to their ability to get everybody involved, all of us spoke English all day, even at the coffee break!!! The writing component was superb, because it was focused on medical articles with very useful advice and tips and tricks. For example, they showed us many writing resources. In my expert opinion, after many…! many…! many…! English courses, this is the best I have attended. Perhaps, the secret to its success is the way they worked with us, to understand our needs and to develop this customized workshop.

I really recommend LL Medical English if you want a great tailor-made course.

Belén de la Hoz Caballer

Associate Director of Knowledge Management, Responsible for Medical Education (November 2017), University Hospital Ramón y Cajal

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